Giraffe baby quilt pattern

Another baby quilt I finished to be gifted to a lovely friend's baby.  I love animal patterns, they are so cute and suitable for baby quilts. That is, the main theme for baby quilts are animals in my quilts. There were bunnies, ducks, snails, turtles and now a giraffe. Be sure that more of them will be coming.

The finished quilt measures 50" x 40" (100 x 125 cm). So it is good for toddlers as well.

This baby quilt can be used for both boys and girls. There is a giraffe and a tree in the pattern. I wish I had added some moe leaves to the tree. I think it would look much nicer- or the giraffe ate the leaves!!- There is a little bird on the tree. A rabbit and a butterfly are embrodiered to the fabric. There are also some clouds above. And it is completed. It was fun to make with machine applique.

Ducks baby boy quilt pattern

Baby quilts are adorable, as cute as possible, quick to finish and perfect as gifts. This quilt is suitable for baby boys and toddlers. It measures 50" x 40" (100 x 125 cm).

I machine appliqued the three ducks, one mother and two ducklings. I used yellow and orange for the ducks. Below are the detailed pictures of the ducks.

I also added some flowers around the ducks. They are orange and yellow and can be felt by hand. They are also machine appliqued. The white parts are quilted but I left the border unquilted so that it is fluffy.

I mostly prefer using animal patterns with baby quilts since they are so cute. I enjoyed making this quilt and hope you enjoy it, too.

Free cactus quilt block pattern

Cacti are popular and fun to make as quilts. I've made a mug rag and a mini cactus quilt using cactus pattern before. This time I have another cactus quilt block which is paper pieced and this is the first time I draw a pattern. I am not a professional and I'm on the way of learning. I've drawn the pattern by hand and mostly been inspired by other cactus patterns. I'd like to share the cactus quilt pattern for free. I hope it will be useful for your personal use.

The finished size is 15x20 cm ( 6" X 8") if you print the pattern in its size but you can enlarge or reduce it before printing for a smaller or a bigger one.

Free cactus pattern for paper piecing is HERE

I am planning to go with some more cactus patterns and make a lap size quilt. So more free cactus patterns for paper piecing will be released.

sunbonnet sue cushion

Sunbonnet Sue is always one of my favourites. I like seeing this pattern on every kind of quilting. This is one of my earliest works, it was gifted years ago to my sister and I coincided this cushion ,n her house. I though I should add this to my patchwork diary and share it with you.

Sunbonnet Sue wears a colorful and flowery dress because it is a spring day. She is with her boyfriend and she gives a flower to the boy. The boy wears blue clothes.  (Is it only me that makes up stories with Sunbonnet Sue?!) It is a beautiful sunny day with a lot of flowers and butterflies around. They are so happy in this spring day!

Here are some detailed pictures of the cushion I made. I appliqued Sunbonnet Sue and the boy to the fabric and added some details to the scene. I embroidered some flowers, a butterfly, a little snail, some birds, clouds and a smiley sun.  
Free pattern for Sunbonnet Sue and the boy is HERE

It is up to you and your imagination to create the scene with Sunbonnet Sue. Whatev…

free hexagon templates to download

Besides being addicted to quilting, being addicted to hexagons is something else. I am one of those that make hexies without any plan in mind. Today I'd like to share some hexagon templates.You can use these free templates for your own design or try something new, or maybe you just need more templates, just because you can't stop making hexies.  Sometimes it might be time consuming to find the templates on the net. Below are the free hexagon templates in different sizes to download, print and cut out.

1inch hexagon template in PDF

hexagon templates in various size in PDF

If you are new to hexagons, have a look at the tutorial for how to baste hexies and how to make a hexagon flower below:

how to sew hexagon flower tutorial

 Or if you need more inspiration on working with hexagons, check the link below where you can find various tutorials to work with hexies.

some hexie projects

Hope this would be heplful for you. Enjoy it!

snail applique cushion

This is a  smiley snail happy decorative pillow, either for your living room or kids room. I prefer it for the kids' room. I chose green for the body of the snail with a colorful shell. The shell is detailed with individual colors.

The free applique pattern for the snail is HERE. You need to prepare the snail by using epp before appliquing it to the fabric. Once you epp it, you iron and then remove the paper. Now it is ready for the applique. Do not forget the face. This is a happy snail with a happy face.
You can then add as many details as you like.

I added a butterfly and some flowers to the scene. I embroidered the butterfly and flowers in colorful threads. You can add whatever you like. You can change the colors according to the decoration also. Below is another snail in bigger size I made.

All about log cabin quilt

Log cabin quilts are one of the most popular and favourable quilts of all quilt patterns. What makes log cabin fascinating is the possible variations it presents. The traditional design is made by beginning with a center shape-usually a square- and sewing strips in sequence around the square.
There are various designs named such as Barn Raising, Sunshine and Shadow and Straight Farrow. Besides, blocks can be set together in numerious ways to form new patterns. It is simple to construct and offers too many probable patterns to create, so log cabin quilts appeal not only beginners but also advanced quilters.
Log cabin quilts are as old as the times of ancient Egypt. But it is mostly assumed that it dates back to the pioneer days of the United States.
The log cabin quilts had first been widespread in 1860s in the United States during the Civil War and  been popular quickly. They were identified with the pioneer spirit and values of America.

Early log cabins  were made by hand piecing us…