drunkard's path quilt

Drunkard's path is a traditional curved quilt block with many design variations. If you have never tried drunkard's path before, at first look the precise curved seams may look difficult to tackle.

In this post I have prepared a tutorial for making drunkard's path quilt, which I find quite easy and practical to make. This method of making drunkard's path quilt is different from the traditional technique. Here you don't need to deal with curves and open bias edges. This method is quick and super practical.

OK. Here we go!

Step 1: Put the fabric and interfacing together. Lay the interfacing to the right side of your fabric. Draw a circle which is 4" in diameter. I prepared my own template using cardstock.

Step 2: Sew on the trace line and trim excess fabric about quarter inch from the line.

Step 3: Cut a hole on the interfacing to turn the fabric inside out.

Step 4: Turn inside out so right side of fabric is shown. Use point or point turner to smooth the edges.

Hexagon flowers baby quilt

Among the quilt projects, already been started and still in progress, hexies are always my favourite. Working with hexies is like a therapy. God! It is so relaxing. The process is slow, though. But no hurries!

I have planned to make a  flower garden baby quilt with hexagon flowers. My five year old son also loves playing with hexies and he helps me setting the layout.

At the same time I can 't resist starting some other quilt projects, trying some new techniques or patterns. I work by english paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, hand sewing and machine sewing. All at a time!
But nowadays I mostly deal with my hexies. If you are new to english paper piecing, and learn making these hexagon flowers, have a look at

How to sew hexagon flower tutorial.

If you need free hexagon templates to download, you can find them HERE
There are many variations of flower gardens and the options are limitless. I admire the creativity of these quilters with different quilts. Here mine is a traditio…

cathedral window cushion tutorial

Cathedral window quilts always look beautiful and fascinating to me. The pattern may seem harder to make but actually it is easier than it looks.
In fact it isn't a real quilt since it is not made by using background and batting and no quilting. But still it is one of the favourite patterns of quilters both for beginners and experts.

Cathedral window requires a technique with a lot of folding, pressing and pinning. The most desired colour combinations are a solid white for the background and printed, colorful fabrics for the windows. You will have the opportunity to play with colors, which is the funniest part.

In this tutorial I will give instructions for cathedral window cushion that I have made and enjoyed the process very much. Hope you like it and find this tutorial useful.

Instructions Choose a background fabric-mostly white is chosen. Cut 10.5" squares of total nine to make a cushion. Choose 4 different printed fabrics for the windows and cut 12 squares of 2.5". …

disappearing nine patch table runner tutorial

Disappearing nine patch quilt is quick and easy to make. Somehow I am addicted to red colour and for this disappearing nine patch table runner I used red, white and dark blue fabric. It can be good for Christmas or Valentine. You can use your favourite colours and turn it into smth you will enjoy.
For this table runner you will need:
Sixteen 5" squares of red fabric in different patternsFour 5" squares of dark blueSixteen 5" squares of white 1/3 yard binding fabric-red1 yard backing fabricBatting material Cut  5" squares of all colours and lay out five coloured squares and four white squares into a nine patch as shown in the photo below. I put dark blue in the center here.

Sew the squares into rows with a quarter inch seam allowance and then join the rows together.

Cut the nine patch block into four pieces both vertically and diagonally. Now you have new 7" blocks.

Now comes the funny part; playing out the pattern of table runner!
There are so many different w…

how to make disappearing nine patch quilts

Disappearing nine patch quilt is perfect to make a quick pieced quilt blocks and quilts. A simple nine patch block is sliced in half twice to create four smaller units so that you can make disappearing nine patch quilts.

Choosing fabric colours is an important part of quilting in order to create the desired effect for this quilt pattern. Here I chose a darker fabric for the center. The center square will turn into a small corner square of the new block after nine patch block is sliced into four sections.
You can also use fabrics that work well with any special day: Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Halloween or just choose any color combinations that appel to you.
Step by step tutorial 1- Assemble the nine patch in a traditional way, where it will look like an X with dark squares in the center and corners and lighter squares in the middle.
Remember that there are no definite rules of assembling the nine patch. You can create your own quilt blocks from the basic pattern by experimenting d…