how to make magic 8 half square triangle units

If you are in need of making many many half square triangles, the magic 8 method is the right way to make them. With this method of doing half square triangles, you make eight HSTs at a time. There are some other methods to make half square triangles, where you make two or four HSTs at one time also. Half square triangles are one of the most used quilt blocks, either with other pattern combinations or alone. It is good  to know how to make these HSTs in a paractical way.
In this tutorial I will show you how to make 8 half square triangles at one time. 

You need two same size squares of fabric in different colors. I used 10" squares here. Mark a diagonal line across both diagonals on the wrong side of the fabric. It is shown in the image below. Sew along with 1/4" seam allowance on both sides of the marked lines. Using your rotary cutter, cut the square into eight. You will cut horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Now you have 8 half square triangles. Open the blocks and pre…

how to make a pinwheel quilt block

The pinwheel block is one of the oldest and  most beginner-friendly quilt blocks. They are usually created by using half-square triangles (HSTs) in contrasting colors, which gives the block its distinct appearance.
The pinwheel quilt block is a perfect project for sunmer. It is not only easy to make but also has a great look in different colors and a variety of fabrics.
You may have encountered or tried some other ways to make pinwheel quilt block. This is how I make pinwheel quilt block. I prepared a tutorial for pinwheel quilt block, making it quick and easy. I, of course, made it with HSTs. While making HSTs, I used magic eight technique which provides you to make eight HSTs at a time. When you need to make so many HSTs, this way is quite practical.
The most important thing with pinwheel quilt block is getting all the points matched in the middle.

Here we go:

Cut two pieces of  10 x 10 " squares from two contrasting fabrics. I used white and red fabrics  here.

Draw diagonal lin…

5 free DIY face mask patterns and tutorials

Now it is recommended all people to wear face masks in public not only to protect from coronavirus but also slow the spread of coronavirus. Homemade masks are not as effective as surgical masks but they are better than nothing when there is difficulty in finding surgical face masks. As long as you use 100 % cotton and thick fabric with two lines covering your mouth and nose, they will be protective and preventive for daily use when you go to the supermarket or take your dog out  for a walk. It is a good idea to make a few masks so that you can switch them occasionally and wash them.

Are you ready to make your own mask? There are several ways of making a DIY face mask. Here I collected a bunch of free fabric face mask patterns. You can choose one of them and start making your DIY face mask.

How to sew a DIY fabric face mask by Sarahmaker

Face Mask Pattern by Craftpassion

Olson mask pattern by Sewcanshe

DIY face masks by Missouri Quilt Company

3 ways to make a surgical mask by SeeKateSew


hunter's star quilt pattern and tutorial

Hello, everybody. Today's project is making hunter's star quilt in a super easy way.The original hunter's star quilt was designed with diamond shapes but now we are able to create the same look with half square triangle units and square patches.

Hunter's star quilt  may seem confusing due to its layout. Each quilt block is actually a combination of four different patchwork sections which are rotated and then joined for a larger quilt block. When the blocks are sewn together, a secondary design emerges.

This is the first time I made a hunter's star quilt and I pretty liked it.I also prepared a tutorial for those who would also like to make one. In this tutorial, I have tried to make it as simple as possible with easy-to-follow steps and clear instructions. I hope you make use of it and enjoy it.
I used two fabrics for this hunter's star quilt pattern; one is dark and one is light. With the use of two fabrics it will be less confusing.

Here we go!

The ima…

Valentine's day free quilt patterns and tutorials

Here you can find some free tutorials and patterns I have collected for valentine's projects. Some belongs to me and some are on my to-do list.

When it comes to making Valentine's day quilts, red and white are perfect. The heart pattern is also a must to me. So most of the tutorials below include heart shapes. What is more, the tutorials and patterns collected here are all free and easy to do. So choose the ones that you like and start making it, since there is not much time left. Enjoy your quilts!

Heart mini trio by Sew Lux Fabric

English paper piecing hearts

Valentine's day mug rag

Heart shape cushion

Heart to heart quilt pattern at Dear Stella

Ombre heart quilt by Craft Quilter

Simple fabric heart coasters

Patchwork heart by Pink Simplicity

Sew easy hearts featuring shabby by Tattooed Quilter

So time to choose your favourite one and start making it. This time of the year is also good to show your quilting skills with some ornaments, decoration and gifts.
Enjoy the process!

free harry potter quilt patterns

Check out these harry quilt patterns which are shared for free and sew a special quilt for your harry potter fan.

Jennifer Ofenstein's website fandom in stitches is a great source for harry potter quilt patterns and they are shared all free for your personal and non-profit use. These harry potter quilt patterns are foundation paper piecing patterns. The patterns that are shared are numerous and rated according to their difficulty. It is advised to start from easier ones if you are new to paper piecing. Foundation paper piecing takes practice and getting used to. In a way it is like a puzzle.
 The patterns are also in different size but you can reduce or enlarge the patterns.

Free harry potter quilt patterns are available at Fandom in Stitches.
Once you find a pattern you want to make, download it to your computer and print it out. After printing, cut out the pattern along the designated lines. Some blocks does not inclusa seam allowances inside the piece, so make sure to use extr…

pineapple quilt progress and pattern

The pineapple quilt has been in progress for months. I have been making pineapple quilt block patterns from time to time since I prepared the pineapple quilt block tutorial. The progress is slow and making pineapple quilt blocks is time consuming. But I like the way it's been turning out. Actually it takes some time to finish one block and besides pineapple quilt, I work on some other projects. That's why it takes time in progress.
I like the lively colors of the fabric that I'm using for this pattern. I preferred using two fabrics; one is white and the other is a colorful fabric. The more blocks I add, the better it looks.

I'm planning to make a quilt for my daughter's bed, so I need to make many of these pineapple quilt blocks. But I enjoy making the blocks. I'm not sure about the time that I can finish it but I'm eager to share the process here.

If you would like to have the free paper piecing pattern and tutorial, it is HERE.
Enjoy it!