Valentine's day free quilt patterns and tutorials

Here you can find some free tutorials and patterns I have collected for valentine's projects. Some belongs to me and some are on my to-do list.

When it comes to making Valentine's day quilts, red and white are perfect. The heart pattern is also a must to me. So most of the tutorials below include heart shapes. What is more, the tutorials and patterns collected here are all free and easy to do. So choose the ones that you like and start making it, since there is not much time left. Enjoy your quilts!

Heart mini trio by Sew Lux Fabric

English paper piecing hearts

Valentine's day mug rag

Heart shape cushion

Heart to heart quilt pattern at Dear Stella

Ombre heart quilt by Craft Quilter

Simple fabric heart coasters

Patchwork heart by Pink Simplicity

Sew easy hearts featuring shabby by Tattooed Quilter

So time to choose your favourite one and start making it. This time of the year is also good to show your quilting skills with some ornaments, decoration and gifts.
Enjoy the process!

free harry potter quilt patterns

Check out these harry quilt patterns which are shared for free and sew a special quilt for your harry potter fan.

Jennifer Ofenstein's website fandom in stitches is a great source for harry potter quilt patterns and they are shared all free for your personal and non-profit use. These harry potter quilt patterns are foundation paper piecing patterns. The patterns that are shared are numerous and rated according to their difficulty. It is advised to start from easier ones if you are new to paper piecing. Foundation paper piecing takes practice and getting used to. In a way it is like a puzzle.
 The patterns are also in different size but you can reduce or enlarge the patterns.

Free harry potter quilt patterns are available at Fandom in Stitches.
Once you find a pattern you want to make, download it to your computer and print it out. After printing, cut out the pattern along the designated lines. Some blocks does not inclusa seam allowances inside the piece, so make sure to use extr…

pineapple quilt progress and pattern

The pineapple quilt has been in progress for months. I have been making pineapple quilt block patterns from time to time since I prepared the pineapple quilt block tutorial. The progress is slow and making pineapple quilt blocks is time consuming. But I like the way it's been turning out. Actually it takes some time to finish one block and besides pineapple quilt, I work on some other projects. That's why it takes time in progress.
I like the lively colors of the fabric that I'm using for this pattern. I preferred using two fabrics; one is white and the other is a colorful fabric. The more blocks I add, the better it looks.

I'm planning to make a quilt for my daughter's bed, so I need to make many of these pineapple quilt blocks. But I enjoy making the blocks. I'm not sure about the time that I can finish it but I'm eager to share the process here.

If you would like to have the free paper piecing pattern and tutorial, it is HERE.
Enjoy it!

twisted hexagon coaster tutorial

Twisted hexagons are made up of one hexagon and six half hexagons of the same size. Twisted hexagons can be made by using english paper piecing method. There are some other ways of doing them, but I preferred english paper piecing method, which I like pretty much. 
I made these lovely twisted hexagon coasters and prepared a tutorial also. This lovely project is beginner friendly. If you would like to make one for yourself, follow the instructions below. Twisted hexagon tutorialYou will need four hexagons for one coaster. I used 2.5 " hexagons for this one. If you need the hexagon templates with free download, it is HERECut out your hexagon and cut another three hexagons into two. These are the templates for the twisted pieces of the hexagon. You should have one hexagon and six half hexagon. These will be arranged like this: Since you have the templates of a twisted hexagon, time to start sewing. Choose your fabrics and baste the pieces and sew them together. If you are new to eng…

8 christmas fabric ornament tutorials

It is now the time of the year to start preparations for Christmas. Making preparations beforehand is a good idea either for your own ornaments or to be gifted.
Here is a round up of christmas ornament tutorials that I have found  and like pretty much. They are all free and comes with tutorials. If you have a stash of scraps,  making ornaments is a perfect way to use them up also. Why don't you try then?

Yo-yo snowman by Mypatchworld

DIY fabric ornaments by Place of my taste

Patchwork Star by The Sewing Directory

Paper pieced santa ornament by Inwheel ponders

Hexies wreath by wefty needle
Christmas tree ornament by Life after laundry
Wowen fabric star ornament by Mister Domestic

Fabric star quilted star ornament by Spruce crafts

how to make crib size duvet cover

Making a duvet cover is a simple beginner friendly sewing project. You can sew a crib size duvet cover for your baby or as a gift. It is a simple and quick project to make. I sew this duvet cover as a gift. Besides quilting, such easy quilting projects makes me happy and gives the chance of a break.
Whatever I make something new, I try to prepare tutorials as well, trying to make use of my knowledge and I like sharing ideas. Soooo here we go!
Instructions You will need a top and a bottom fabric for the duvet. There are standard measurements for each size but bedding can be varying so before sewing your duvet cover, measure yours in order to be sure that it will fit.

For toddle bed finished size is 33"×42". You need to add 1" to the with 1/2" seam allowance and add 1.5" to the length for seam allowance and 6" for the closure part. So cut two pieces of fabric measuring 34"×49.5"

Before starting it is important to wash and iron.

Start with closure…

8 modern foundation paper piecing patterns

I love paper piecing. When I paper piece, I feel like I am playing games. I like seeing the images of the pattern come to life on fabric. Actually foundation paper piecing is my favourite. So I have collected a series of foundation paper piecing patterns that I like most. I have tried some of them, and some are waiting for to be done. What's more, they are all free. If you are new to foundation paper piecing, it is a good idea to start with a simple project that teaches you how to paper piece. FOUNDATION PAPER PIECING TUTORIAL will teach you how to do it.

10 foundation paper piecing patterns

The rose pattern by Jitka Designs is amazing. The image above is my version of rose pattern. You can download the pattern for free and make your own rose with your favourite colors.

You can make a modern foundation paper piecing quilt with the traditional pineapple quilt block. See my tutorial for pineapple quilt block.

This Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt by Wombat Quilts is lovely. Tiny scraps are u…