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clamshell quilt pattern tutorial

Clamshell quilts have long been in my quilts-to-do list. They all look gorgeous with many variations. Finally I had the time to start mine with a traditional one. When I searched through internet, I encountered various ways, methods of doing clamshell quilts. Seeing various methods, I chose the one way that I found easiest and then prepared my tutorial which seemed the most practical to me.   If you are also planning to give a try, why don't you start from here then? And I'd like to know if you've found it useful or not?

How to make a clamshell quiltFor clamshell quilt templates, you can prepare your own or use a ready made free clamshell quilt template. I printed out the template reducing its size 50% so it becomes 2". You can reduce or enlarge it according to your desire.                                                                                     Cut the fabric 1/4 inch larger than the paper template.����������������������������������������������������������…

folded star potholder tutorial

Folded patchwork star is made by folding and layering fabrics together, which makes it look like fabric origami. It looks great but complicated to make , however it has a simple technique. The star design looks perfect for place mats, mug rags, pot holders or any kind of decoration. It is also great to use your fabric stash. If you are one of those that see this folded star pattern and admire it but think that it is hard to do, this tutorial is for you. Why don't you give a try to this technique which is quite simple?
The finished size of the pattern is 7"x 7"
RequirementsCut 2 of 8"x 8" squares; one for background and one for backing.Cut 5 of 3"x 3" squares (Row 1)Cut 8 of 3.5"x 3.5" squares (Row 2)Cut 8 of 4"x 4" squares (Row3)Cut 4 of 4.5"x 4.5" squares (Row 4)Cut 4 of 5"x 5" squares (Row 4) InstructionsStep 1. Take your  one of 8" square fabric. This is going to be your foundation piece. Fold it in hal…