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carseat canopy tutorial

Learn how to make a carseat cover for your little baby so that s/he can be protected from the germs and the changeable weather conditions.

Before you start, wash, dry and iron the fabric that you are going to use.

Cut the two fabrics (top and back) 35" wide and 42" long.Line up your fabrics, right sides together.Fold the top fabric vertically to find the center and iron a crease. Then cut the crease 19 1/2" (from the bottom) to make the front slit.

Place top and back fabrics right sides together and cut the slit up the back fabric so that both have an identical slit. Pin them together.

Sew together around the whole fabric, leaving a little space so that you can turn the fabric's right side out.After sewing, flip the fabric right side out and then iron around the edges. When you come to the part that hasn't been sewn yet, fold the raw edges under and iron smoothly, as in the photo below. And topstitch all the way around.

Now it is time to sew the strips. Cut two pie…

Open wide zippered pouch tutorial

I made this zippered pouch the other day and prepared a tutorial. I have made some other zipper pouches before but this one is with open wide which will make it easier to find inside what you are looking for. So it is quite practical to use.

Here we go!

You will need 1/4 yard fabric, zipper at last 10" long or longer, thread, interfacing of your choice.

Directions:If you prefer to use interfacing, fuse on or baste on interfacing of your main exterior pieces.Lay one exterior piece (12"x 9") right side up, lay zipper on top. Align zipper tape edge to the raw edges of the top of exterior piece. Layer lining fabric on top, right side down on top of zipper.

Pin and using 1/4" seam allowance, sew over. At around 1" before the end of the fabric stop sewing, pull the zipper away from the seam and continue stitching along the fabric until the edge. Flip so the wrong sides of fabric are facing. Press.
Lay the other exterior piece right side up, lay zipper attached fabri…