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yo-yo christmas ornaments

Yo-yos are quick to make and perfect to use for a variety of things including embellishment of quilts or diy ornaments. Here I used yo-yos to make some christmas ornaments, which includes a snowman and a tree.

These ornaments were fun to make. I am sure you will enjoy yourself making these. You can use these christmas ornaments for your tree or give them away as gifts. Below is the materials you will need and a tutorial to make the yoyo snowman ornament.

For snowman ornament you will need:

Scraps of white fabric for snowman.Scraps of fabric for the hat and the scarf.Small black beads or buttons

From the white fabric cut two circles, one is 4" and the other is 3.5".

Make your two yo-yos. If you are new to yo-yos making, have a look at my tutorial to make yo-yos HERE
Make the hat:
Fold 4"x2.5" rectangular in half, meeting shorter edges. Sew along these edges, backstitching at begining and end.
Press seams open and turn right side out. Turn one raw edge up to 1/4"…

Thumbling blocks quilt pattern

Here is another quilt block I've wanted to try.
I made tumbling quilt blocks using english paper piecing. The thumbling block template is a diamond shape which is made up of two equilateral triangles. There are other methods of making these thumbling blocks, but for english paper piecing you need paper templates. Besides pre-formed templates, you can form your own template by drawing a diamond shape, or you can just use your hexagon templates by cutting a hexagon into three diamonds. Three diamonds will make a tumbling block.

It is important to have three distinct colours of light, medium and dark to have the effect of thumbling blocks. Keep the lightest fabric on top of the block, medium fabric on the left and darkest on the right. This is essential to have 3D effect.

Pin one of the templates to the fabric, cut around the template with 1/2" seam allowence.

Baste around the template with long basting stitches. Some people use glue for basting but I prefer thread basting.


Quilting terms: A list of quilting terms that every quilters need

Amish quilts: The quilts which are made by or in the style of the Amish quilters in Pennyslvania, or Ohio and Indiana. Geometric patterns and central medallion square-in-a-square with wide borders is a popular design in the Amish community.

Appliqué: A technique where fabric shapes are cut and sewn on to a background fabric or quilt top. Appliqué can be pieced together by hand, machine, or with fusible web. Appliqué is used to prettify or create interest to a block or quilt.

Attic window quilt pattern: A visual illusion quilt pattern which makes it  seem as if you are looking at the quilt block through a window.

Backing: A quilt consists of three layers: quilt top, batting and backing. The bottom layer of a quilt, backing, is a piece of fabric which is usually a single piece.

Bargello: A type of quilt which creates movement by the way of strips of fabric squares are sewn together. Quilters usually use the same colour going from dark to light.

Basting: Long, temporary stitches are used to h…