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sawtooth star quilt block tutorial

By Hatun Comak → Monday, March 29, 2021

The Sawtooth Star is a traditional eight point star and one of the most classical and popular one amongst the quilters. It possibly have some other names also. It is a versatile quilt pattern; with color and fabric variations you can create amazing quilts.

There are various methods of making sawtooth star. One of the methods is using half square triangles and the other one is using flying geese for the points. Since it is more practical besides reducing extra bulk and unnecessary seams between the points, flying geese is mostly preferred.

You can make flying geese with no-waste method to create four flying geese at one time which are perfect for Sawtooth Star Blocks.
For a more detailed tutorial you can check my MAKING NO WASTE FLYING GEESE UNITS TUTORIAL.
With this method of making flying geese, there will be no waste in fabric while making four flying geese at a time.

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block Cutting Instructions

Using the chart below, you can choose the needed measurement to make your quilt block. Here the instructions are given for 6"×6" finished size.
Check the measurements on the chart. 

Cut all the pieces needed to make the sawtooth star quilt pattern. 

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block Tutorial

  • Let's start with making flying geese blocks.  For flying geese units you will need one large square (goose) and four small squares (sky). One large and four small squares will make four finished  flying geese units.
  • Draw a diagonal line on the back of the four squares.
  • Place two of the small squares on the large square right sides together; as in the image below.
  • Sew two points squares to background square in opposite corners on both sides of the diagonal line. Then cut this unit in half through the drawn line. 

  • Press seams allowances through the little triangles.
  • Place another remaining of the four squares on the corner of each unit and sew them with 1/4" seam allowance on both sides of the line.
  • Cut again through the lines and press seams toward the small triangles.
  • Now you have four flying geese units. You need to square up your units because they can be a little bigger than the desired size. This may look extra work but it is necessary to assemble the blocks easily.
  • Once flying geese units are finished, lay them with the center and corner squares.
  • First sew the units into rows. Press seams and then press the three rows together.

And you have finished! This sawtooth star quilt block is not only so versatile but also easy to scale. You can make it smaller or bigger according to your needs. Knowing how to make sawtooth star quilt pattern will definitely be helpful.
Hope you enjoy and make use of my tutorial.

DIY denim coasters

By Hatun Comak → Monday, March 22, 2021

If you are a fan of jeans like me, you must have a pile of old, worn jeans waiting to be upcycled. I never throw worn jeans, not a little piece of it, since there are numerous ways to upcycle old jeans into something new. 

This time, using the pockets, I made denim coasters. They are not only easy to make but also practical to use. What's more, they are great to be gifts.

The back pockets are turned into denim coasters and the result is amazing. They are so easy to make using your worn jeans.

How to make denim coasters

Each pocket makes one denim coaster. The stitching design on the pocket of the jeans make a unique design on the coaster.

You will need:

Denim pockets

Quilt batting

A circle template of cardboard

  • Cut out the back pockets including the two layers, so it will be easier to work with.

  • Make two circle templates using paper or cardboard. One of them should be 3.5" and the other 4".

  • Place the larger circle on the pocket. Draw around the circle and cut it out from the both layers of denim.

  • Place the smaller template on batting  and cut it out. Make the quilt sandwich; place the batting piece between denim pieces and pin it.

  • Sew around the circle with 1/4" seam allowance.

  • With seam ripper, slit around the circle to make the frayed edges.

And it is ready! The coasters are practical to use, so that you can protect your table. They can also be the part of the decoration in your living room. Or a bunch of these denim coasters make perfect gifts.

Whatever they are for, enjoy the work you have made!

free rose paper piecing patterns

By Hatun Comak → Tuesday, March 16, 2021

It is finally spring and we need some fresh starts. It is always good to be working with flowers. I especially love roses. 

If you are new to paper piecing, have a look at this tutorial first. It teaches you the basics of paper piecing.

foundation paper piecing tutorial

Some of these patterns below is quite easy and some of them needs some specializing in paper piecing method. Once you master the paper piecing method, you can make any pattern.

Here I collected some paper pieced rose patterns which are all free, thanks to their designers. You can choose your favourite below and start making it. This collection is also my to-do list and as soon as I finish making them, I will replace their photos here.

Bring spring into your home!

The Rose by Lori Kennedy Quilts

Rose by Yvonnes

Rose by Hiswordinpictures

Wild Rose by Yvonnes

Scrap Flower by Onwilliamsstreet