DIY denim coasters

By Hatun Comak Monday, March 22, 2021

If you are a fan of jeans like me, you must have a pile of old, worn jeans waiting to be upcycled. I never throw worn jeans, not a little piece of it, since there are numerous ways to upcycle old jeans into something new. 

This time, using the pockets, I made denim coasters. They are not only easy to make but also practical to use. What's more, they are great to be gifts.

The back pockets are turned into denim coasters and the result is amazing. They are so easy to make using your worn jeans.

How to make denim coasters

Each pocket makes one denim coaster. The stitching design on the pocket of the jeans make a unique design on the coaster.

You will need:

Denim pockets

Quilt batting

A circle template of cardboard

  • Cut out the back pockets including the two layers, so it will be easier to work with.

  • Make two circle templates using paper or cardboard. One of them should be 3.5" and the other 4".

  • Place the larger circle on the pocket. Draw around the circle and cut it out from the both layers of denim.

  • Place the smaller template on batting  and cut it out. Make the quilt sandwich; place the batting piece between denim pieces and pin it.

  • Sew around the circle with 1/4" seam allowance.

  • With seam ripper, slit around the circle to make the frayed edges.

And it is ready! The coasters are practical to use, so that you can protect your table. They can also be the part of the decoration in your living room. Or a bunch of these denim coasters make perfect gifts.

Whatever they are for, enjoy the work you have made!

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