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pinwheel quilt tutorial

By Hatun Comak → Friday, October 30, 2020


I finally finished making pinwheel quilt top. Actually it is an easy and quick project, appropriate also for beginners. Besides pinwheel quilt, I have been working on some other projects. That's why it took some time to finish this pinwheel quilt top. It still needs quilting. I've already started quilting it but hasn't finished yet. I am quilting it in my domestic sewing machine. When I finish quilting this pinwheel quilt, this post will be updated. I hope it won't take long.

I made this pinwheel quilt for my 8-year-old son. He is impatiently waiting for it to finish. I loved making this quilt. I'm still a learner and I've learned a lot. Pinwheels are cute and I like the colors I used here; red and blue fabric with little stars on them. Red is my son's favourite color and I like dark blue. I think they go very well together.

I also prepared a simple tutorial, if you would like to give it a try.


  • Pinwheel quilts are basically made of half square triangles (HSTs). For this pinwheel quilt, you qill need many many HSTs. So start with making half square triangles. You need two different fabrics to make half square triangles. I used white and red fabrics, and white and dark blur fabrics to make HSTs. I used magic 8 half square triangle units method. You get eight HSTs at a time with this method. When there is a need for many HSTs, this method is great. I had 216 HSTs in total measuring 4.5" each.

  • When HSTs are ready, start making pinwheel quilt blocks. I have another tutorial showing how to make a pinwheel quilt block. Each pinwheel quilt block measures 8.5". There is also a chart showing different measuements for pinwheel quilt blocks. There are 54 pinwheel quilt blocks in total. You can add or reduce quilt blocks according to the size you want to make the quilt.

  • When your pinwheel quilt blocks are ready, now it is time to decide the layout. First I planned to put the red pinwheel blocks in the center and dark blue ones around.

       Later I tried one dark blue, one red pinwheel quilt block and I liked that better. 
  • Start sewing pinwheel blocks in rows. When rows are finished, press with iron to the seams. Then you sew the rows together. While sewing rows, pay attention that squares match up. Do not forget to press the seams again.

  • Finally I added a 4" sashing with the same fabric which is dark blue. And the quilt top is finished. The finished size of pinwheel quilt top is 54"x78".

pumpkin quilt block tutorial

By Hatun Comak → Wednesday, October 21, 2020


The seasonal spirit of fall calls us to work with fall colors, varieties of oranges and browns. Pumpkin quilt block is also another pattern that is popular among fall quilts. I decided to make this pumpkin quilt block and and also prepared a step by step easy-to-follow tutorial.

You will need a variety of oranges to make this patchwork pumpkin quilt block. All the fabric pieces come from my stash. So dig out your fabric stash and find the orange fabrics. You will also need background fabric, which is dark blue here, scraps of green and scraps of cream for the stem.


  • Cut 3" squares - 20 squares of orange, 1 square of cream, 1 square of green, 3 squares of dark blue
  • Cut 5 2.5" squares of dark blue and 1 1.5" square of dark blue.

  • Lay out the 3" squares in the following order to form a pumpkin shape.

  • Mark a diagonal line on the back side of all the smaller dark blue squares.
  • Lay 2.5" dark blue squares on the orange squares in the corners.
  • Put a 2.5" square on the top left corner and 1.5" square on the bottom right corner of the green square. Have a look at the image below for a better understanding.

  • Sew down the diagonal line of the 1.5" square to the green square first. Trim the little corner, press seams open. Then, sew the 2.5" square along the line on the opposite corner, trim and press.
  • Sew 2.5" dark blue squares to the orange corners. Trim and press.


  • Lay the squares of pumpkin in the correct order and sew the squares into rows first.

  • Sew the rows together to complete the pumpkin quilt block. Press with iron and you're done! 

This single pumpkin quilt block can be turned into a nice wall hanging great for fall decoration. Or by making three of them, you can make a table runner. Or even with more and more pumpkins, it can be used for making a bed quilt. It is all your imagination.
I enjoyed making this pumpkin quilt block. Working with the varieties of orange fabric was good. I hope you enjoy it, too.

10 free pumpkin quilt patterns

By Hatun Comak → Thursday, October 15, 2020

 It is fall time now, which means it is time to dig and find out orange fabrics in your stash to start sewing your fall quilts.

Are you in search of doing something related to fall? Pumpkins are the symbol of fall and very popular with fall quilts. It is just a pumpkin, you can say, but there are dozens of pumpkin variations for quilt patterns. Whether you look for patchwork, applique or stuffing things, you will find it here in this round up for pumpkin quilt patterns. In this collection of pumpkin quilt patterns which are totally free, you will find various pumpkin patterns proper for your fall quilt needs. 

Therre is a variety of projects: table runners, cushions, mug rugs, wall hangings or bed quilts, applique and more.They are also great as gifts!

I collected a bunch of free pumpkin quilt patterns. Many of these projects are easy to make and does not require much time to finish. They are also adaptable to make variations depending on your imagination.

I hope you will get the inspiration you need to start your fall quilt project. 

Here we go!

Pumpkin quilt block tutorial by My patchworld

Fall pumpkin table runner by The Cloth Parcel

Pumpkin pincushion by Fiskars Craft

Cheeky pumpkin quilt by Studio Fabrics

Pumpkins by Cluck Cluck Sew

Pumpkin placemat by Phyllis Dobbs

Jack-o-lantern pattern by Artisania

Strippy pumpkin by Diane Knott

Mug rug tutoriaş by So Sew Easy

Mini pumpkin quilt by Jan Daly Quilts

So which one is your favourite? I like fall and the colors of fall quiltd attract me so much. I collected my favourites here so this round up for pumpkin quilt patterns is also for me to choose the next project.

Maple Leaf Quilt Block Pattern

By Hatun Comak → Thursday, October 8, 2020


The maple leaf quilt block is a perfect pattern for this  time of the year. It is already fall and timing is perfect. It is an old, classic pattern which is made in two contrasting  colors with one light, three dark squares and four half square triangles. The stem is a strip of dark color constructed diagonally on light fabric.

While all seasonal colors are appropriate, orange, red and brown are especially popular with this design.

This maple quilt block pattern is lovely and super easy to make. There are many ways to do it. Here is how I make maple leaf quilt block pattern.

I made the maple leaf quilt block pattern block meaauring 6"×6". I also made another one measuring 9"×9". The instructions below are for 6"×6".

First you need to cut the fabric. The cutting instructions follow a simple, repetitive system.

Maple Leaf Quilt Block Cutting Instructions

  • Cut two squares 3"×3", three squares 2 1/2"×2 1/2", one strip 1 1/4"×4". These are for leaf fabric, which is orange here.
  • Cut three squares 3"×3", one square 2 1/2"×2 1/2". These are for background fabric which is white here.

Maple Leaf Quilt Block Assembly

  • Match two of 3"×3" orange squares with white squares. Place them right sides together. We will be making for half square triangles. Draw a diagonal line on the back of the orange square and sew along both sides of the drawn line with 1/4" seam allowance.
Başlık ekle
  • Cut the squares on the drawn diagonal line, so that you get for half square triangle units. Press seams through the orange fabric. Square up the HSTs to be 2 1/2"×2 1/2".
  • To make the square with stem. Cut remaining 3"×3" white square in half diagonally so you create two triangles. Fold the rectangle strip in half vertically to find the center. Fold also the triangles in half along the longest edge and mark the center.

  • Line up center crease of one triangle with center crease of the rectangle  and sew along. Repeat the same for other triangle. Square up the triangle with stem to 2 1/2"×2 1/2".
  • Lay out half square triangles, stem square and remaining squares as shown in the image attention to tje direction of HSTs.

  • Sew squares together in three rows. Press seams. Sew rows together and press seams again. 

And here it is! Maple leaf quilt block is ready. It measures 6"×6". I also made another  maple leaf quilt block measuring 9"×9". I love these colors of fall.

It is a perfect and simple, classical quilt pattern for fall quilts. I have jad fun makimg these and I am thinking of making a wall hanging of maple leaves in different size. We will see what it turns out to be.
Below is a cutting chart for maple leaf quilt block patteen in different size.