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By Hatun Comak Friday, October 30, 2020


I finally finished making pinwheel quilt top. Actually it is an easy and quick project, appropriate also for beginners. Besides pinwheel quilt, I have been working on some other projects. That's why it took some time to finish this pinwheel quilt top. It still needs quilting. I've already started quilting it but hasn't finished yet. I am quilting it in my domestic sewing machine. When I finish quilting this pinwheel quilt, this post will be updated. I hope it won't take long.

I made this pinwheel quilt for my 8-year-old son. He is impatiently waiting for it to finish. I loved making this quilt. I'm still a learner and I've learned a lot. Pinwheels are cute and I like the colors I used here; red and blue fabric with little stars on them. Red is my son's favourite color and I like dark blue. I think they go very well together.

I also prepared a simple tutorial, if you would like to give it a try.


  • Pinwheel quilts are basically made of half square triangles (HSTs). For this pinwheel quilt, you qill need many many HSTs. So start with making half square triangles. You need two different fabrics to make half square triangles. I used white and red fabrics, and white and dark blur fabrics to make HSTs. I used magic 8 half square triangle units method. You get eight HSTs at a time with this method. When there is a need for many HSTs, this method is great. I had 216 HSTs in total measuring 4.5" each.

  • When HSTs are ready, start making pinwheel quilt blocks. I have another tutorial showing how to make a pinwheel quilt block. Each pinwheel quilt block measures 8.5". There is also a chart showing different measuements for pinwheel quilt blocks. There are 54 pinwheel quilt blocks in total. You can add or reduce quilt blocks according to the size you want to make the quilt.

  • When your pinwheel quilt blocks are ready, now it is time to decide the layout. First I planned to put the red pinwheel blocks in the center and dark blue ones around.

       Later I tried one dark blue, one red pinwheel quilt block and I liked that better. 
  • Start sewing pinwheel blocks in rows. When rows are finished, press with iron to the seams. Then you sew the rows together. While sewing rows, pay attention that squares match up. Do not forget to press the seams again.

  • Finally I added a 4" sashing with the same fabric which is dark blue. And the quilt top is finished. The finished size of pinwheel quilt top is 54"x78".

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