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denim bag: turn old jeans into a bag

By Hatun Comak → Thursday, May 31, 2018

This month I've mostly been interested in sewing projects, especially those with old jeans. I've been looking through internet and seen hundreds of different designs with jeans bags. What you want to make is all depends on your creativity. Here is the second jeans bag I've designed this month. The first one is here. You may want to have a look at it also. But I like this one more than the previous that I made. Again I used my old jeans. Making bags from old jeans is a great way of upcycling your old jeans.  I like the idea of reusing the jeans that I had worn for years before. 

It is simple to make and you don't need more than a few pair of jeans.
For the front of the bag I cut three pieces, one from dark blue and two light blue jeans fabric and sew together. 

For the strips of the bag I used two different colours. I added two pockets at the front side of the bag which are placed irregularly. The small pocket comes from 4 year old son's jeans. 

For lining I used a dark blue fabric which went well with the blue bag. The finished measurement of the bag is 30 x 40 cm. I'm quite satisfied with the result. Why don't you give a try? Let me see yours too.

how to make a puff baby quilt

By Hatun Comak → Sunday, May 27, 2018

 Puff quilts also known  as biscuit quilts are easy to make ,even for beginners. The idea is that you make individual stuffed squares from fabric and sew the squares together. You can make varied designs with puff quilts; it depends on your creativity and colour choice.

These puff quilts are awesome not only to use but also to see them around. I find them so cute. I made this puff quilt for my daughter ten years ago but it is still in use and in good condition. Actually you may find it a bit heavy as a baby quilt but whatsmore, you can use it as a playmat also. My daughter, who is ten years old now, likes lying and reading books on it.

So today’s mission is to give a brief explanation of how to make puff quilt. Here we go!


  • You will need two squares to make a bubble. The top square will be 5” and the base square will be 4”. The base square won’t be seen so you can use any old fabric. In order to make this puff baby quilt, you will need to make 121 stuffed squares. The finished  baby quilt measures 36”x36” (11 puffs by 11 puffs). You can make either bigger or a smaller one than this.

  •  Once you cut the squares, you need top pin them together; one 4” square to one 5” square. Pin the small square to the big square-wrong sides facing together- . Continue pinning each corner together.

  • Now it is time to make the pleats. Pinch the fabric up between the two corners, fold it down and pin it in place, as in the picture. Repeat the process on all four sides.

  • Sew the whole square of the four corners. You sew all of the squares in the same way.
  • Now you need to piece the top of the quilt together. Take two squares and lay them right sides together. Sew them together using ¼” seam allowance. You sew them raw by raw. Before sewing raws, pin them together so that you keep the squares in place.

  •       After you finish sewing, turn the top wrong side up and pinch up the bottom square fabric and cut a slit in the bottom square fabric. This is the place where you will fill the squares. You stuff and then hand sew the slit. You make this for each of the squares.

  • For backing, cut out you backing fabric and place it on the right side of the top. Sew all around the quilt except a 5” . This is where you will turn the right side of the quilt. Hand stitch the opening.
  •      The last step is the binding. I made ruffle. You can make ruffle or use a ribbon for binding.

It’s finished. Enjoy your puff quilt. Is this tutorial useful for you? Please let me know.

making a bag from old jeans

By Hatun Comak → Saturday, May 12, 2018

 I have been storing old jeans for some time, thinking of making something with them. It would be a pity to waste these awesome jeans that you have been wearing for years. So recycling any old pair of jeans into something will be great.
Denim is thick and sturdy fabric with different shades of blue. They are also fashionable all the time. I was browsing around online and collecting ideas to upcycle my jeans: toys, cushion, pouches, bags or rugs, whatever you want.
The first thing I made is a denim bag. And here is how I made it.


  • I used four pairs of jeans in different colors of denim. Yours can be less or more depending on your storage or choice of colors. Cut 2" stripes from the legs of the jeans. You will need 18 stripes total.

  •  Sew the strips together and press with iron. Sew the front and back pieces together.

  • Line the bag with cotton fabric. I used grey for this bag. Finally add denim handle. Now your bag is ready to use.

how to make a zipper pouch

By Hatun Comak → Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Let's have a break and work on something quick and simple. Zipper pouches are perfect items to work on. Everyone needs them. They are useful. You can make one for yourself or as a gift. As mothers' day approaches, why not make a gift for your mom or moms around you.
There are dozens of tutorials on the net. Mine is a bit different, quicker and easy to make. I have it on my own style. I hope you'll like it and find it useful. If it is not, please let me know so that I can make the tutorial in another way.
Here we go!!


  • Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 9"x12" , one for outer and one for lining. You will also need 9" zipper. For the outer piece, I appliqued a little owl, with a little touch of a patchworker. For another pouch, which is down the page, I appliqued a sailboat. You can make a little touch of yours.

  • Fold the 9" side of the both fabrics through the wrong side with 1/2" and press with iron. Then place the lining wrong side up, put the zipper on the folded part and place the outer fabric right side up. Have a look at the picture above to have a better understanding.

  • Pin the three layers and if you like you may baste it. I sew without basting though. You sew the three layers together; outer, zipper and lining.

  • You do the same process for the other side of the zipper, you pin both outer, zipper and lining together and before sewing, do not forget to open the zipper or else you won't be able to sew it.

  • When you finish sewing it, turn the inside out to sew the left and right edge. Before sewing, draw 2" squares to both down edges and cut the squares.

  • Sew along the left and right sides of the pouch. 

  •  Fold the corners as in the picture and sew both the corners.

  • When you finish sewing, turn the rightside of the pouch. Here it is!

Zipper pouches are easy to make and practical. Everybody needs them. So you can make zipper pouches for yourself and people around.

flower garden quilt

By Hatun Comak → Sunday, May 6, 2018

 I call this quilt  made years ago as FLower Garden. It is one of my earliest works. Though it is not a masterpiece, it is one of my works that I’m quite proud of. You know they say it is better to start with small pieces if you are a beginner. But if  you have the courage, you may choose such a big work as beginning. I had finished this quilt with the assisstance of a patchwork teacher when I was a beginner.

I sewed the petals of the flowers on the machine and organized them on a square as a daisy flower with green center inside of which is filled with fiber filling material. The flowers make a 3D effect on the quilt.

 The whole parts of the quilt is hand sewn by EPP. The teacher advised me to start with EPP since it gives perfect results. However, I machine quilted it. As you see it is not intensely quilted. This is actually what I like.

If you are looking for quilting project inspirations, this may also give an idea. It is not challenging and also appropriate for beginners. If anyone interested, just let me know and further tutorial will be provided for free, especially for the flowers.