flower garden quilt

 I call this quilt  made years ago as FLower Garden. It is one of my earliest works. Though it is not a masterpiece, it is one of my works that I’m quite proud of. You know they say it is better to start with small pieces if you are a beginner. But if  you have the courage, you may choose such a big work as beginning. I had finished this quilt with the assisstance of a patchwork teacher when I was a beginner.

I sewed the petals of the flowers on the machine and organized them on a square as a daisy flower with green center inside of which is filled with fiber filling material. The flowers make a 3D effect on the quilt.

 The whole parts of the quilt is hand sewn by EPP. The teacher advised me to start with EPP since it gives perfect results. However, I machine quilted it. As you see it is not intensely quilted. This is actually what I like.

If you are looking for quilting project inspirations, this may also give an idea. It is not challenging and also appropriate for beginners. If anyone interested, just let me know and further tutorial will be provided for free, especially for the flowers.


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