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drunkard's path quilt

Drunkard's path is a traditional curved quilt block with many design variations. If you have never tried drunkard's path before, at first look the precise curved seams may look difficult to tackle.

In this post I have prepared a tutorial for making drunkard's path quilt, which I find quite easy and practical to make. This method of making drunkard's path quilt is different from the traditional technique. Here you don't need to deal with curves and open bias edges. This method is quick and super practical.

OK. Here we go!

Step 1: Put the fabric and interfacing together. Lay the interfacing to the right side of your fabric. Draw a circle which is 4" in diameter. I prepared my own template using cardstock.

Step 2: Sew on the trace line and trim excess fabric about quarter inch from the line.

Step 3: Cut a hole on the interfacing to turn the fabric inside out.

Step 4: Turn inside out so right side of fabric is shown. Use point or point turner to smooth the edges.