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heart shape cushion

I'm proud to say that I've just finished this cushion finally. I started making it years ago and put it aside unfinished. The top was finished and all I had to do was to turn it into a cushion. Now I want to explain how I  make such a cushion.

1- Cut 16 squares in different colors you like. Each square is 4x4 inches.
2 - Paper piecing is used for heart pattern. I draw my own shape; you can do as well or find a ready-made one. When you have completed your paper pieced heart, score through the stitching with a pin and remove the paper.
3- Heart shapes are appliqued to each square. Applique is done by hand. When appliquing is finished, sew the squares by machine and it is ready for quilting.
4 - I've quilted each heart in place and outline stitched using big stitch quilting. 
5- Prepare the back cover and sew it by machine. Here is a cute, lovely cushion. It is perfect for home decoration.

how to sew a hexagon flower: english paper piecing tutorial

If you are a beginner and do not know where to start, it is a good idea to start with the simplest forms and techniques so that you do not get lost. That's why I highly recommend you to start with hexagons. Hexagon flower is a great sewing project, which has only seven pieces. You can make it a pincushion or applique it on a pillow by using hand applique techniques. Here you can find a step by step tutorial for hexagon flower.

How to make hexies with paper piecing
1- First of all, decide on what size of hexagon you want to use. There are various hexagon templates in different sizes available on internet.
2- Cut out the template and lay it on the wrong side of the fabric.

3- Pin the template on fabric and cut the fabric. It is supposed to be 1/4 inch larger than the paper template so that you can fold over the paper.

4- Fold one edge over paper template, finger press and baste together. The paper template is to ensure accurate shape and helpful to peace angles together.

5- Fold th…

turtle pin cushion

Don't you think that little turtle pin cushion is so cute? Is that a pin cushion or toy? I intended to use it as a pincushion until my 3-year- old son saw and took it as his own toy! So I need to make one more for myself.

hot-air balloon quilt wall hanging

Wall hanging quilts are perfect for using in room decorations. I started this hot air balloon quilt for my son's room. For this quilt, I preferred bright, colorful fabric for the patches at the balloon. I am a big fan of the bright colors, actually. The balloon has a pocket basket in which any toys can be replaced in. A bird and a butterfly which were apliqued fly with the balloon in the sky. Below there is a village with a house and some trees of orange, cherry and apple. I embrodied the cherries and made apples and oranges of tiny pieces. The finished form of the wall hanging quilt measures 60x80 cm.

baby quilt patchwork

Baby quilts are my favourite piece of patchwork. Not only because they are easy to complete-sometimes I may be too impatient to finish a big size work- but also they are so cute. Especially those with colorful patterns. This quilt was for my son and it was nice to watch him fascinated by the bright colours of the cars. The template is available and can be shared if requested. 
                                               Have a look at the cars pattern in detail.

baby quilts

If you are a beginner in quilting, it is always the best to start with small pieces. Baby quilts make a perfect beginning in patchwork. Because they are easy to handle due to their size. Beyond this, baby quilts make perfect gifts. I like the idea of quilting as gifts since they are precious and unique with the amazing handcraft. This baby quilt is aimed to be a gift for a newly born baby. I used yellow as the main fabric and aplique fisher boys with mostly blue color.

You can add as many details as you like. The orange fish is my favourite. I like using animal patterns in my quilts and you will probably see many of them in my posts. Enjoy it!

the world of patchwork

Patchwork, which grew out of the need and formed by combining pieces of cloth together in a simple way, today has become the hobby of thousands of people, not only for women but also for men. What's more, it's been accepted as a form of art. Combining the right colors and variations of patterns together, you can come up with a piece of art in the end! As a patchwork lover, my works are not any kind of art but I love quilting, sewing, doing patchwork of any kind. The ideas, patchwork patterns that you can use, color combinations that you can choose are limitless. It all depends on your creativity. The world of patchwork is full of inspirations. In my blog I'd like to share my ideas, patchwork and quilt patterns, my own patchwork and quilting experiences so that they may give you inspiration, too.