the world of patchwork

Patchwork, which grew out of the need and formed by combining pieces of cloth together in a simple way, today has become the hobby of thousands of people, not only for women but also for men. What's more, it's been accepted as a form of art. Combining the right colors and variations of patterns together, you can come up with a piece of art in the end! As a patchwork lover, my works are not any kind of art but I love quilting, sewing, doing patchwork of any kind. The ideas, patchwork patterns that you can use, color combinations that you can choose are limitless. It all depends on your creativity. The world of patchwork is full of inspirations. In my blog I'd like to share my ideas, patchwork and quilt patterns, my own patchwork and quilting experiences so that they may give you inspiration, too. 


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