how to sew a hexagon flower: english paper piecing tutorial

If you are a beginner and do not know where to start, it is a good idea to start with the simplest forms and techniques so that you do not get lost. That's why I highly recommend you to start with hexagons. Hexagon flower is a great sewing project, which has only seven pieces. You can make it a pincushion or applique it on a pillow by using hand applique techniques. Here you can find a step by step tutorial for hexagon flower.

How to make hexies with paper piecing

1- First of all, decide on what size of hexagon you want to use. There are various hexagon templates in different sizes available on internet.

2- Cut out the template and lay it on the wrong side of the fabric.

3- Pin the template on fabric and cut the fabric. It is supposed to be 1/4 inch larger than the paper template so that you can fold over the paper.

4- Fold one edge over paper template, finger press and baste together. The paper template is to ensure accurate shape and helpful to peace angles together.

5- Fold the second edge over and continue basting through each corner. When basting is finished, press on it with iron to preserve the shape.

The first piece of the flower is ready. Apply the same process for another six pieces. For the hexagon in the center, choose a different color for the fabric.
 A video showing how to baste hexies is here . Have a look at it!

 Sewing hexies together

After paper piecing hexies, I sew hexies by hand. Seven paper pieced hexies should be prepared for the flower. 

1- Lay right sides together. Be sure to match up the edges so that we can have the correct shape.

2- Start stitching on the corner with a few stitches, catching both hexagons.

3- Sew with little stitches along the top edge of the hexagons, keep them lined up and be sure to finish stitches at the end corner together.

4- Open up the hexagons and pinch the next edges together and continue stitching.

Remember to leave the paper in until you sew all pieces together. A video is here showing how to sew hexies together may also help you. My hexagon flower will turn into a pincushion, which will be shared here in a few days. What will yours be? Enjoy your hexagon flower.


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