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fabric kitty coasters

By Hatun Comak → Saturday, August 29, 2020


Coasters are great to have at home and at the office not only for their functional use but also for the sake of decoration. Coasters are also perfect as gifts to make friends and family happy especially those who love cats. You can make these fabric kitty coasters quickly and easily.

Here I share a cute fabric kitten coaster tutorial. With your favourite fabrics, or even scraps in your stash, you can make these fabric kitty coasters easily. These are nice and practical, and great for cat lovers.

Let's start then!
  • You will need the templates. You can DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE HERE or you can just draw your own template, since it is quite simple to draw.
  • Always wash, dry and iron the fabrics that will be used.
  • Print your template or draw it on regular paper and cut it out. 
  • Place the template on the wrong side of the fabric and mark the fabric. If you would like the kitty with a face, you should embroider eyes, mouth and whiskers on this piece of fabric or you can totally skip this part, which I preferred.

  • Pin together the front piece, backing and batting, the right sides of fabrics face together. 

  • Cut out the cat shape and sew all around the kitty, leaving 2 inches of opening to turn it.

  • Trim the exess piecing, leaving 1/4" allowance.

  • After you finish sewing, turn the coaster inside out and press.

  • Hand stitch the opening with invisible stitch. Press again.

It is ready! Now it is time to grab your coffee and enjoy the fabric kitty coaster