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how to make a quilt sandwich; putting layers together to prepare for quilting

If you are new in quilting, you may have heard quilt sandwich and wondering what it is. Here is the explanation and an easy simple way of doing it.

Quilting a sandwich, as it is said, means putting various layers together to prepare for quilting either by machine or by hand. The quilt sandwich includes backing, batting and the quilt top. Once toy have finished making the top, it is ready for quilting. But before quilting it, you need to sandwich it. Here is step by step tutorial of how to make a quilt sandwich.
1- Lay the quilt back on the floor or table, wrong side up. Tape down the quilt to the table on four sides so that it doesn’t slide around.
2- Arrange the batting on top of the backing, patting it smooth. Remember that batting and backing should be a few inches larger than the top.
3- Finally lay the quilt top right side-up. Make sure that your quilt top is wrinkle free. It is important you iron the top before quilting to have a smooth surface.

4- Pin the layers together. Be s…

pansy flower applique pattern and tutorial

The pansy flower fits perfect for spring with its lively colors. I used this pattern to make a cushion years ago as a gift and when I came across with this pattern in my archive, I wanted to make on efor myself. Since it is spring, I’m highly interested in making something related to flowers. I enjoyed doing it and happy with the result. So here are the patterns and step by step tutorial on how to make the pansy flower applique pattern.
1. Download free pansy pattern and leaves below.
pansy flower applique pattern in PDF
2. Print the patterns, enlarge it 75% or 100%, or you can just use them as they are if you want a smaller pattern.

3. Choose the background fabric, fabric for leaves, petals of the pansy and the center of the flower. I used four shades of purple. A1 – lilac, B2 light purple, C3 – D3 darker purple and E4 is the darkest shade of purple. The piece at the center is yellow.
4. Cut the templates of each shape. Paper piece each shape and stitch the petals together. The pictu…

making a quilt for a baby playmat, free patterns and tutorial

I’ve been working on this patchwork playmat for the last few weeks. It’s been made for a baby expected due May. As it is a baby girl and it is spring time, I planned to use some patterns with indicators of spring. It is a kinda garden scene with various flowers, leaves, butterflies, ladybugs,  bees and even a rabbit hiding below the flowers.
      Since I like dealing with little pieces and I’m a fan of appliques, I enjoyed doing it very much. Here are the instructions and patterns in PDF format if you want to make one.
1-Firstly, it is a good idea to decide th layout of the design. You may draw on a paper to have an idea and decide what to add to the surface. I’ve been inspired from various designs on the net but I drew my own one. Nevetheless, I had some changes as the work progressed.
2-I had four different flower patterns. Below are the patterns of the flowers that you can download, print and use. leaves and flowers pattern in PDF
       While making flowers I machine sewed th…

bunny baby quilt

Baby quilts are adorable, especially those with animal patterns. This bunny baby quilt has a different pattern of bunnies with long ears which are  stitched to the fabric only at the bottom of the ears so that the child can play with the them, pull them.  If you like it you can give a try. It is simple. I want to tell how to make it. Here are the steps.

1- Above is the template as a photograph but doesn't matter, you can print and use it.
2- The bunny is made by english paper piecing. You may start with the ears. For ears use the pattern at the top of the page . Make four of the pattern and prepare four of them. Firstly stitch two pieces together so that you can complete the one side of the ear and another two stitched together. then you stitched these two pieces together to make one ear. You will need to make two ears.
When you stitch the four pieces tohether, take away the papers and turn the right side of the fabric. Turn the right side of the fabric. Don't forget that yo…

patchwork playball tutorial

I like making any kind of stuff related to kids. These palyballs are perfect as baby gifts. Since it is handmade, it is unique. I like the idea that there is not another one similar to that. Whether it is for your own kind or planned to be a gift, here I tell the easy way of making th playball.
The ball is made with english paper piecing and sewn all by hand. It doesn’t take long, you can finish it in a few hours. Let’s start then.

You will need 12 pentagons for the ball. You should baste fabric to each hexagon. If you are new and haven’t got an idea about how to english paper piece, you can watch this video that show how to paper piece in details. 
Once you baste pentagons, you should press on them with iron and then we are ready to put them together. Select one of the pentagons to be in the center and start whipstitching the petals of five which will make a flower.

When you finish stitching the petals, it will look like this:

Leave the papers in, place the two flowers on top of one …

flowers in pots hand applique

It is time to hail the arrival of spring with colorful flowers and butterflies! I've just finished this cushion. I've intended to do something with flowers due to the approaching season spring, which is my favourite. While making flowers, I used three different types of flower patterns. I used buttons to put in the centers of the flowers. I even used a huge button to use it as a flower itself. Have a close look at the details. In my next post I will be telling how to make flowers and the butterfly.

Petals of the flower are sewed in the machine and then hand appliqued only in the center of the flower with the button.  

The butterfly is appliqued as in the flower above so that it can give the effect of movement to the butterfly. It is as if the butterfly is flying over the flowers.

I intend to use it as a cushion, however it is also perfect as a wall hanging. So hail the spring!