flowers in pots hand applique

By Hatun Comak Saturday, March 3, 2018

It is time to hail the arrival of spring with colorful flowers and butterflies! I've just finished this cushion. I've intended to do something with flowers due to the approaching season spring, which is my favourite.
While making flowers, I used three different types of flower patterns. I used buttons to put in the centers of the flowers. I even used a huge button to use it as a flower itself. Have a close look at the details. In my next post I will be telling how to make flowers and the butterfly.

Petals of the flower are sewed in the machine and then hand appliqued only in the center of the flower with the button.  

The butterfly is appliqued as in the flower above so that it can give the effect of movement to the butterfly. It is as if the butterfly is flying over the flowers.

I intend to use it as a cushion, however it is also perfect as a wall hanging. So hail the spring!

Hatun Çomak

I'm Hatun from Turkiye. I love quilting and patchwork and this is my patchworld. I share my projects, process, patterns and tutorials here in my blog. .