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fleece lap quilt pattern tutorial

Today I am excited to share with you a cute and fun to make fleece lap quilt pattern and tutorial. I made this lap quilt using my fleece fabric scraps.

I made this lap quilt years ago and it is so useful and keeps warm while we are lying on the coach watching Tv. What especially I like about this quilt is the donkey appliques. So here is how I made it. I hope it inspires you, too to make a fleece quilt.

I cut the fleece fabric into squares measuring 10"x10". There are 13 squares and  12 HSTs at the sides. I placed the squares making diamond pattern. I did not sew the squares together but did some crochet work to put them together. I used the orange color for crochet, same with the donkeys.

Once the lap quilt come together I drew a donkey and heart which are easy and simple shapes to draw. You can draw your donkey also, or it can be a cat or a dog. I did some crochet work around the  heart and donkey patterns. It was easy because fleece wont fray. Then I appliqued them to th…

10 english paper piecing tutorials for beginners

English Paper Piecing is a suitable way for beginners to start since it gives you little chance of mistakes as long as you follow the steps. What's more you will be quite satisfied with the results and it is fun to work by epp. You can carry it everywhere because you sew by hand and also sew by using your scraps in small projects. Here I collected some of my favourite epp projects which are easy and fun to make. Those may be inspiring for someone who would like to start but do not know from where to.
These are small projects to learn more about english paper piecing. While learning it is important to enjoy what you are doing and you have something cute,useful in the end.

1- Hexagon Pincushion by Mypatchworld (that's me :-))

Hexagons are great for beginners and they are so popular nowadays. Especially I like hexie flowers. What you can do with hexie flowers is limitless. Why don't you start with a pincushion.

2- EPP Patchwork Playball by Mypatchworld

Your kids will love pl…

basic quilting abbreviations

Quilters use many abbreviations when they use basic quilting terms. These are practical to use; you may not want to use "half-square triangles" again and again while giving quilting instructions. Instead, you may prefer to use HST; since it is easier. When you come across UFO in a quilting instruction or talking, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is an alien in the sewing room!

For beginners, it may be confusing seeing all these abbreviations which probably make no sense. So here I'd like to share some popular quilting abbreviations that you may come across in quilting instructions and conversations. When you are learning quilting, it helps you save time to know the terminology.

BOM : Block Of the Month BSS : Basic Sewing Supplies Charm Pack : Package of pre-cut squares Charms : Small pieces of fabric, either squares or sometimes hexagons, all different fabrics EQ: Electric Quilt FQ: Fat quarter of fabric (18” x 22”) GFG: Grandmother’s flower garden HST: Half-Square Tr…

house block pattern

I am new to foundation paper piecing and I just love it. I know it takes time to finish one with all these tiny pieces but it does not matter for me. I have no hurry. I like the process itself. To me it is like solving a puzzle and I like it most when I see the result. It comes out perfect as long as you follow the steps right. I've made some other fpp before and the more I make the more I like it. So I will continue finding free patterns on the net, making my own and sharing the links with you. This house block belongs to Wombat Quilts. I like the trees near the house especially. They are super cute and I will be making some more in different colors, because I plan to make a lap quilt with these house blocks. If you want to make this below is the link to the free pattern of the house block.

House Block Pattern

The house block have 13 seperate parts, you sew each of them and then join them together. It finished at 10 " wide. So easier to handle compared to these 5" butte…

10 free foundation paper piecing patterns

Lately I've been busy with foundation paper piecing which quickly became my favourite. It is a great way of making pictures, images with fabric. At first it may seem challenging but once you learn the principles of foundation paper piecing it is not as hard as it seems. Besides, it is adorable when you come up with the result. The results are perfect. You get at the fabric exactly the same image as on the paper. There are dozens of patterns available on the net. I see many many geometric patterns but I prefer other shapes with flowers, house blocks, animals, plants, etc.
I've searched through google and pinterest to find some free patterns available. It may sometimes be time consuming to find those. I've collected here some of these free foundation paper piecing patterns. I have tried some of these and got perfect results. I haven't made all of them yet but believe me they are on my list. So below are the free foundation paper piecing patterns for you and me. Some of …