Cathedral window quilts always look beautiful and fascinating to me. The pattern may seem harder to make but actually it is easier than it looks.
In fact it isn't a real quilt since it is not made by using background and batting and no quilting. But still it is one of the favourite patterns of quilters both for beginners and experts.

Cathedral window requires a technique with a lot of folding, pressing and pinning. The most desired colour combinations are a solid white for the background and printed, colorful fabrics for the windows. You will have the opportunity to play with colors, which is the funniest part.

In this tutorial I will give instructions for cathedral window cushion that I have made and enjoyed the process very much. Hope you like it and find this tutorial useful.


Choose a background fabric-mostly white is chosen. Cut 10.5" squares of total nine to make a cushion. Choose 4 different printed fabrics for the windows and cut 12 squares of 2.5".
Make a 9" square out of a cardboard- this will be our template for folding and ironing.
Center the board on white fabric square, fold the corners and iron it, repeat the same for all sides of the square.

Pull out the cardboard. Fold your square in half in both direction and press along the folded lines.

Open up your square. Pick a corner and fold it into the center. Press it.

Do the same for the other three corners and press again. Pay attention to the outside corners that should look sharp.

Tome to fold this square in half again. Press each point into the centeras shown below in the photo. The points should meet neatly in the middle this time.

After all folding, you will end up a square like this:

Now comes the sewing part; we will join all of our folded blocks into a 3x3 square. Lay out the blocks. In order to join tw of the blocks together, place them next to each other and open out the triangle flaps and pin them together.

You need to sew right along the crease, so make sure that the two creases match perfecrly. I put one pin in the crease to assure that I have lined up correctly.

When you have all set, sew along the crease. Do not forget to back stitch at the start and end of  every triangle.

When you finish sewing all nine blocks together, press again.

Before sewing the windows, take just two or three stitches into all points. This will keep the points centred and even.

Grab your 2.5" square colorful fabrics for the windows and decide the layout of them. Below is mine:

Now starts the sewing of the windows. Pick a spot to start, pin the square into the window. 2.5" squares match perfectly into the windows. Fold one of the edges of the window over your fabric about 1/4" in the middle.

Starting at the top, follow the edge closely and sew along the folded line and back stitch again. When you do the same for the other three sides, one window is completed.

You sew all windows in the same way. Then the final result is as below. The finished size is 13.5" square. You need to add a frame and border now to completa it to a cushion.

Making this cathedral window cushion takes some time of folding, ironing and finally some sewing. But it was fun to make and I enjoyed making it. 
Why dont you give a try? Enjoy it!

Hatun Çomak

I'm Hatun from Turkiye. I love quilting and patchwork and this is my patchworld. I share my projects, process, patterns and tutorials here in my blog. .