hexagon flower quilt tutorial

By Hatun Comak Thursday, March 28, 2019

Among the quilt projects, already been started and still in progress, hexies are always my favourite. Working with hexies is like a therapy. God! It is so relaxing. The process is slow, though. But no hurries!

I have planned to make a  flower garden baby quilt with hexagon flowers. My five year old son also loves playing with hexies and he helps me setting the layout.

At the same time I can 't resist starting some other quilt projects, trying some new techniques or patterns. I work by english paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, hand sewing and machine sewing. All at a time!
But nowadays I mostly deal with my hexies. If you are new to english paper piecing, and learn making these hexagon flowers, have a look at

How to sew hexagon flower tutorial.

If you need free hexagon templates to download, you can find them HERE
There are many variations of flower gardens and the options are limitless. I admire the creativity of these quilters with different quilts. Here mine is a traditional flower garden quilt. Once basting the hexies, I prepared the flowers and then it comes to assembling the flowers together. I was concerned either to go row by row or flower by flower. So I decided to go flower by flower. Though working with hexies seams easy to work, it takes a lot of time. I used 1 inch hexagons here. Just will be so happy when it will be finished.

I almost finished the quilt top of this hexagon flowers baby quilt. I will just add sone more hexagons and then a border. Then comes the quilting part. I am quite happy with the result. It will most probably be gifted. Once it's finished, I will share the final result but just couldn't wait to share before I have finished.

What are your WIPs anc how many do you have at a time?

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