making a bag from old jeans

 I have been storing old jeans for some time, thinking of making something with them. It would be a pity to waste these awesome jeans that you have been wearing for years. So recycling any old pair of jeans into something will be great.
Denim is thick and sturdy fabric with different shades of blue. They are also fashionable all the time. I was browsing around online and collecting ideas to upcycle my jeans: toys, cushion, pouches, bags or rugs, whatever you want.
The first thing I made is a denim bag. And here is how I made it.
1- I used four pairs of jeans in different colors of denim. Yours can be less or more depending on your storage or choice of colors.
2- Cut 2" stripes from the legs of the jeans. You will need 18 stripes total.
 3- Sew the strips together and press with iron. Sew the front and back pieces together.
4- Line the bag with cotton fabric. I used grey for this bag. Finally add denim handle. Now your bag is ready to use.


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