Thumbling blocks quilt pattern

By Hatun Comak Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Here is another quilt block I've wanted to try.
I made thumbling  quilt blocks using english paper piecing. The thumbling block template is a diamond shape which is made up of two equilateral triangles. There are other methods of making these thumbling blocks, but for english paper piecing you need paper templates. Besides pre-formed templates, you can form your own template by drawing a diamond shape, or you can just use your hexagon templates by cutting a hexagon into three diamonds. Three diamonds will make a tumbling block. You can download free hexagon templates HERE.

It is important to have three distinct colours of light, medium and dark to have the effect of thumbling blocks. Keep the lightest fabric on top of the block, medium fabric on the left and darkest on the right. This is essential to have 3D effect.

Pin one of the templates to the fabric, cut around the template with 1/2" seam allowence.

Baste around the template with long basting stitches. Some people use glue for basting but I prefer thread basting.

When you have basted three diamonds of a tumbling block, you sew them together, aligning the corners and edges.

If you are new to english paper piecing, tutorial for english paper piecing might be helpful.

These thumbling blocks when finished will turn into a baby quilt for a baby to be born on a few months. These bright colors will be enjoyed by the baby, hopefully. When I finish the thumbling blocks baby quilt, it will also be here.

Update: Thumbling blocks baby quilt is finally finished. It is made for a baby girl and will be gifted soon. You  can see the details below:

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