most popular quilt blocks

By Hatun Comak Monday, December 19, 2022

Quilt blocks are square or rectangle pieces that are joined together to form a quilt top. There are thousands of quilt blocks with many names given to them. Here I collected only some of these quilt blocks that are the most popular and widely used. I also share a link to these quilt blocks with tutorials in case you would like to learn how to make them.

Some of these traditional quilt blocks may seem simple but with the right choice of fabric and color, you can turn your quilts to lovely and beautiful ones. Also some of these quilt blocks look complicated but these quilt blocks with tutorials giving clear instructions are notthat complicated to make. When you click on the title, you get to the tutorial.

Here we go!

Carpenter's Star Quilt Block

It has some other names and variations, one of which is carpenter's wheel.In fabric choices make sure that you have a good contrast between the background fabric, medium fabric and the dark fabric to ensure the design of the pattern will stand out. The nice outcome of the pattern depends on your colour choices

Friendship Star Quilt Block

The friendship star is another perfect quilt block for beginners. It is really simple and quick to make with half square triangles (HSTs). It is not only simple but also looks cute. I like how it looks and I'm sure you'll love yours, too. 

Maple Leaf Quilt Block

The maple leaf quilt block is a perfect pattern for autumn time. It is an old, classic pattern which is made in two contrasting  colors with one light, three dark squares and four half square triangles. The stem is a strip of dark color constructed diagonally on light fabric.

Pineapple Quilt Block

Pineapple quilt block is one of the most remarkable pattern of all the quilts. At first pineapple quilts may look complicated but they are comparatively easy to make. Actually, pineapple quilt blocks are a variation of log cabin quilts. The only difference is that the corners are cut off. When you contrast the colors between the rows, it can be striking. They are perfect to play with colors and you can create amazing pineapple quilts with your own choice of colors.

Cathedral Window Quilt Block

Cathedral window quilts always look beautiful and fascinating to me. The pattern may seem harder to make but actually it is easier than it looks.
In fact it isn't a real quilt since it is not made by using background and batting and no quilting. But still it is one of the favourite patterns of quilters both for beginners and experts.

Cathedral window requires a technique with a lot of folding, pressing and pinning. The most desired colour combinations are a solid white for the background and printed, colorful fabrics for the windows. You will have the opportunity to play with colors, which is the funniest part.

Flying Geese Quilt Block

Flying geese quilt block is simple and quick to make and versatile. You can make a single quilt with flying geese quilt block or match it with another quilt block. It can either stand alone as a single block to make a quilt or be used to make some other quilts. It depends on your creativity.

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

The Sawtooth Star is a traditional eight point star and one of the most classical and popular one amongst the quilters. It possibly have some other names also. It is a versatile quilt pattern; with color and fabric variations you can create amazing quilts.

Labyrinth quilt block pattern which is a star with two interwoven borders is definitely my favourite. Look how delicate it is.

Disappearing nine patch quilt is perfect to make a quick pieced quilt blocks and quilts. A simple nine patch block is sliced in half twice to create four smaller units so that you can make disappearing nine patch quilts.

The original hunter's star quilt was designed with diamond shapes but now we are able to create the same look with half square triangle units and square patches.

Hunter's star quilt  may seem confusing due to its layout. Each quilt block is actually a combination of four different patchwork sections which are rotated and then joined for a larger quilt block. When the blocks are sewn together, a secondary design emerges.

Churn dash, classic quilt block which has been around for about 150 years is still popular. It looks nice and it is so simple to make. Here you can find a super simple tutorial for churn dash quilt block. 

Woven quilt block

Here comes another easy and quick quilt block. It is easy, simple but still it catches your eye. Look how delicate it looks. It is such an easy quilt block to make but it is not  simple or boring. Woven quilt block is made up of only squares and rectangles. The key is the placement of the pieces in order to get the woven effect.

Hatun Çomak

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