how to make no-waste flying geese for quilts

By Hatun Comak Monday, September 14, 2020


Flying geese quilt block is simple and quick to make and versatile. You can make a single quilt with flying geese quilt block or match it with another quilt block. It can either stand alone as a single block to make a quilt or be used to make some other quilts. Or it can just be used to complete a quilt such as borders. So it is a good idea to learn more about flying geese quilt block which is a useful, practical quilt pattern.

There are many methods to make flying geese, even with paper piecing method you can make flying geese. Here I prepared a tutorial to show how to make no waste flying geese quilt block. In this method there is no fabric wasted and you male four flying geese at one time . This technique is practical when you need to make many identical flying geese.

Below is the video showing how to make no-waste flying geese.

Steps to make no-waste flying geese

  • Cut the fabric. Flying geese are rectangular units, twice as wide as they are high. Cut a square which is 1 1/4" larger than the finished width of the flying geese. For example if you need 3x6" flying geese, cut 7 1/4"×7 1/4" square. For side triangles cut four squares measuring 3 7/8"× 3 7/8" (7/8" larger than the finished height of your flying geese).
So you have 1 large square and four small squares as measured above. Here I have 5" large square and 3 3/4" small squares. Below is a list showing cutting instructions for flying geese in various size.

  • Draw a diagonal line on the back of each of four small squares.
  • Place two squares on the large square, right sides together and small squares in opposite corners. All the edges should be aligned. Pin the small squares in place.

  • Sew two seams each of which is 1/4" away from the mearked lines. Press flat with iron.

  • Cut the unit in half on the drawn line.

  • Press the triangles open. 

  • Place the two units in front of you . Place a small square in the corner of each unit, right sides together. Position the marked lines as shown in the photo below.

  • Sew two seams each 1/4" away from the marked line to add the new squares as you did for the first squares. Press with iron.

  • Cut each unit along the drawn line. Press thr triangles open to create four flying geese.

  • Each of the flying geese quilt block should be 1/2" taller and larger wider than the finished size of flying geese in your quilt. Press the triangles open and trim the dog ears. Now they are ready.

No-waste flying geese units are perfect for making Sawtooth Star Quilt Blocks. They make perfect quilts. You can reach the tutorial for Sawtooth Star Quilt Block HERE.

Below are some examples of quilts made by using flying geese quilt block. These quilts are stunning and also modern. The possibilities of quilt patterns are endless. Just find your favourite one and start making it.

Hatun Çomak

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