frienship star quilt block tutorial

By Hatun Comak Saturday, November 28, 2020


The friendship star is another perfect quilt block for beginners. It is really simple and quick to make with half square triangles (HSTs). It is not only simple but also looks cute. I like how it looks and I'm sure you'll love yours, too. 

In order to make a single friendship star quilt block, you need three squares of fabric measuring 10"x 10". It looks great with contrasting fabric. I preferred red and white fabric here. The finished size is 12"×12". 

Cutting instructions

  • Cut four  4 1/2"×4 1/2" red squares. These are for the corners
  • Cut two 4 7/8"×4 7/8" red squares. These are for making HSTs.
  • Cut one 4 1/2"×4 1/2" square. This is for the center.
  • Cut two 4 7/8"×4 7/8" squares. These are for HSTs.
Below is a cutting  chart for blocks in different size.

Making half-square triangles (HSTs)

  • Take one light and one dark fabric square. Draw a diagonal line on dark fabric square.
  • Place the two fabric squares right sides together.
  • Sew along the both sides of the line with 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Cut along the drawn line with rotary cutter.
  • Press seams through dark fabric and trim the  block to 4 1/2".

  • With this method of making HSTs, you get two HSTs, so you need to make another two half square triangles. If yoy need a more detailed tutorial for making half square triangles, it is HERE.

Assembly of the friendship star quilt block

  • Arrange your squares and HSTs as in the image below.

  • First sew the squares in rows with 1/4" seam allowance. Press the seams in the same direction.

  • Join the rows together. Press the seams and then press the completed block and trim it down to 12.5". And it is completed.

I love the simplicity of this block. It comes with many options. You can use friendship star quilt block to make an entire quilt, a cushion or table runner. Start making the quilt block and let your imagination decide the next step. 

Enjot it!

Half -square triangles are used in many many ways to make quilt blocks. They are simple but you can make many different quilt blocks using them. If you like HST blocks, you might also like these:

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