woven quilt block tutorial

By Hatun Comak Sunday, January 16, 2022

Woven quilt block

Quilting must be fun, easy and quick, right! Here comes another easy and quick quilt block. It is easy, simple but still it catches your eye. Look how delicate it looks. 

I prepared a tutorial also with step by step instructions and measurements to finish in different size.

 It is such an easy quilt block to make but it is not  simple or boring. Woven quilt block is made up of only squares and rectangles. The key is the placement of the pieces in order to get the woven effect.

Step by step tutorial

  • You need five different fabric for woven quilt block; one for background and four for the pattern. 
  • After fabric choices, comes the cutting part. The cutting instructions are for 6" finished quilt block. Below  the page you can also find cutting instructions for 8" and 12" finished quilt blocks.

  • Background fabric: cut 4 squares 2", cut 1 square 2" from each of four fabrics, cut 1 rectangle 2×3 1/2" from each of four fabrics. The pieces in the image above is for one quilt block.
  • Place the fabric pieces as in the image below, so that you can figure out the pattern. 
  • Seperate them in four groups and start sewing them together. All seam allowances are 1/4".

  • First sew the square together and then sew the rectangle to the squares.

  • Now you get four pieces of the pattern. First sew the first row together, then second row. The final step is to sew the two pieces together. Do not forget to press with iron every time you sew a piece.

It's finished!It is quick and simple but variations are limited of your imagination. Below are quilt blocks for 8" and 12".

8" finished quilt block

12" finished quilt block

Hatun Çomak

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