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By Hatun Comak Friday, October 22, 2021

Jeans must be the most comfortable and durable clothes in the world. There is something indispensable with jeans  and when our jeans are too worn to wear them, we look for ways to upcycle them. 

From DIY home accessories to refashioned goods, there are enough ideas to upcycle these lovely jeans. Below I collected a bunch of upcycling denim ideas. Some of these works belong to me and some of them are from others that I added here with the aim of giving them a try in future. In a way, these collections are to-do lists for me.

DIY denim pouch

You just need a pair of old jeans and a zipper to make this denim pouch. For a detailed tutorial, check HERE . Adding a little sashiko work makes it perfect and unique.

DIY denim rug

From floor to ceiling in your home, there are upcycling ideas. This denim rug is perfect for your bathroom. You can get the details HERE.

Recycled jean planter

We use every scrap of jeans while recycling them. Using denim pieces, you can make this lovely planter. On one side I used strips of denim in different colors and on the other side I used just one big piece. So by turning the planter, you can have two different models.

Denim coasters

You can make a set of upcyled denim coasters with the pockets of the jeans. These are great as gifts. You can get the free tutorial HERE

DIY jeans bag

Jeans are the most frequently upcycled to make jeans bag and this one is my favourite. The tutorial for this denim bag is HERE

Sashiko denim bag

Here is another denim bag that I made using old jeans. It is a great way to use little pieces to make this sashiko bag. If you are into embroidery, I highly recommend you to try sashiko. It is a kind of Japanese style embroidery which looks great. You can see the details HERE.

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