english paper piecing plus quilt

By Hatun Comak Saturday, February 19, 2022

English paper piecing plus quilt 

Another quilt pattern which has many many variations and techniques to make, when you google it, you can see what I mean, is the plus quilt. The beauty of quilting is the endless options that you have. There are various versions of the plus quilt and they are all appealing to me. The plus quilt can be made either by traditional paper piecing methods; cutting on a cutting mat, sewing with a sewing machine or by english paper piecing.

It's been long time since I've made EPP except hexagons. I  like  making quilt blocks, english paper piecing and foundation paper piecing. From time to time I use all of these techniques, and now it is time for english paper piecing.

As I have mentioned before, there are various methods to make plus quilt. In one technique for the  plus quilt, the plus is formed with a rectangle and two squares. Rectangle is for the cross piece and squares are for the top and bottom. Another method for making plus quilt is by using five squares. English paper piecing plus quilt requires four house-like shapes to make the plus. I couldn't find a ready template, so I drew it on my own. I share my template in three different sizes here so that you  can download it for free, print it on cardstock and use it!


Also below you can download the template file ready to print and cut if you do not want to spend time drawing your own templates.


If you know about english paper piecing, you won't need much information on how to make the plus quilt. But if you a a very beginner, my ENGLISH PAPER PIECING TUTORIAL absolutely will be helpful in order to learn english paper piecing method in a detailed way.

Once you cut templates and baste fabric, you sew the four pieces together to make the plus. Before you join the pluses, lay them out to see if they fit both in size and color. The right color combinations make a perfect look. It also seems like a puzzle. 

I started the plus quilt without any plans on mind, I just like how it looks and these days I like working with EPP method. I like EPP projects, I find them easier to make and funnier. The best thing is they are portable; you can take them wherever you go. Yes, the process is slow but I have no hurry.

I will be dealing with plus quilt besides some other projects. This plus quilt will probably turn into a baby quilt and be gifted. I do not know yet, we'll see.

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