hexagon grapes mini quilt

By Hatun Comak Sunday, February 27, 2022


As a hexagon fan, it is always exciting to try new patterns. Besides certain patterns I also enjoy making fruits with hexagons. I made hexagon pineapples before and this time give a try to grapes. I think I will be continuing with different fruits. Here you can see hexagon grapes.

1/3 half inch hexagons make a bunch of grapes. Hexagon grapes are made with english paper piecing. Half inch hexagons are free to download. Once you have the templates, prepare your hexagons by english paper piecing method and sew the hexagons together.  13 purple hexagon  for the grapes and two jewels for the leaves are needed. If you are new to english paper piecing, this english paper piecing tutorial may be helpful.

I used different shades of purple. Arrange the hexagons as a bunch of grapes. Join them together in rows and then sew the rows. Then add two pieces of jewels to make the leaves. 

Press with iron and remove the basting thread and the papers. It is always a good idea to press before and also after removing the papers. It helps keep the shapes. 

Now it is ready for applique. Place the grapes on the fabric and pin it in place. In this step you may baste it or not. It is up to you. I always baste the pattern on the fabric and then start applique.

The last step is quilting it. I haven't finished quilting it yet, too impatient to share. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Hatun Çomak

I'm Hatun from Turkiye. I love quilting and patchwork and this is my patchworld. I share my projects, process, patterns and tutorials here in my blog. .