sunbonnet sue cushion

Sunbonnet Sue is always one of my favourites. I like seeing this pattern on every kind of quilting. This is one of my earliest works, it was gifted years ago to my sister and I coincided this cushion ,n her house. I though I should add this to my patchwork diary and share it with you.

Sunbonnet Sue wears a colorful and flowery dress because it is a spring day. She is with her boyfriend and she gives a flower to the boy. The boy wears blue clothes.  (Is it only me that makes up stories with Sunbonnet Sue?!) It is a beautiful sunny day with a lot of flowers and butterflies around. They are so happy in this spring day!

Here are some detailed pictures of the cushion I made. I appliqued Sunbonnet Sue and the boy to the fabric and added some details to the scene. I embroidered some flowers, a butterfly, a little snail, some birds, clouds and a smiley sun.  

Free pattern for Sunbonnet Sue and the boy is HERE

It is up to you and your imagination to create the scene with Sunbonnet Sue. Whatever you do, do not forget to enjoy it!


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