Giraffe baby quilt pattern

Another baby quilt I finished to be gifted to a lovely friend's baby.  I love animal patterns, they are so cute and suitable for baby quilts. That is, the main theme for baby quilts are animals in my quilts. There were bunnies, ducks, snails, turtles and now a giraffe. Be sure that more of them will be coming.

The finished quilt measures 50" x 40" (100 x 125 cm). So it is good for toddlers as well.

This baby quilt can be used for both boys and girls. There is a giraffe and a tree in the pattern. I wish I had added some moe leaves to the tree. I think it would look much nicer- or the giraffe ate the leaves!!- There is a little bird on the tree. A rabbit and a butterfly are embrodiered to the fabric. There are also some clouds above. And it is completed. It was fun to make with machine applique.


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