Ducks baby boy quilt pattern

By Hatun Comak Sunday, September 16, 2018

Baby quilts are adorable, as cute as possible, quick to finish and perfect as gifts. This quilt is suitable for baby boys and toddlers. It measures 50" x 40" (100 x 125 cm).

I machine appliqued the three ducks, one mother and two ducklings. I used yellow and orange for the ducks. Below are the detailed pictures of the ducks.

I also added some flowers around the ducks. They are orange and yellow and can be felt by hand. They are also machine appliqued. The white parts are quilted but I left the border unquilted so that it is fluffy.

I mostly prefer using animal patterns with baby quilts since they are so cute. I enjoyed making this quilt and hope you enjoy it, too.
Hatun Çomak

I'm Hatun from Turkiye. I love quilting and patchwork and this is my patchworld. I share my projects, process, patterns and tutorials here in my blog. .