snail applique cushion

By Hatun Comak Monday, August 27, 2018

This is a  smiley snail happy decorative pillow, either for your living room or kids room. I prefer it for the kids' room. I chose green for the body of the snail with a colorful shell. The shell is detailed with individual colors.

The free applique pattern for the snail is HERE. You need to prepare the snail by using epp before appliquing it to the fabric. Once you epp it, you iron and then remove the paper. Now it is ready for the applique. Do not forget the face. This is a happy snail with a happy face.
You can then add as many details as you like.

I added a butterfly and some flowers to the scene. I embroidered the butterfly and flowers in colorful threads. You can add whatever you like. You can change the colors according to the decoration also. Below is another snail in bigger size I made.

Hatun Çomak

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