All about log cabin quilt

By Hatun Comak Monday, August 13, 2018

Log cabin quilts are one of the most popular and favourable quilts of all quilt patterns. What makes log cabin fascinating is the possible variations it presents. The traditional design is made by beginning with a center shape-usually a square- and sewing strips in sequence around the square.
There are various designs named such as Barn Raising, Sunshine and Shadow and Straight Farrow. Besides, blocks can be set together in numerious ways to form new patterns. It is simple to construct and offers too many probable patterns to create, so log cabin quilts appeal not only beginners but also advanced quilters.
Log cabin quilts are as old as the times of ancient Egypt. But it is mostly assumed that it dates back to the pioneer days of the United States.
The log cabin quilts had first been widespread in 1860s in the United States during the Civil War and  been popular quickly. They were identified with the pioneer spirit and values of America.

Early log cabins  were made by hand piecing using the scraps around a square. A traditional log cabin has a red center symbolizing the hearth of the home with one side light and the other side dark.
Today log cabin quilts are a popular choice of scrap quilts and it is likely that they will never go out of fashion with countess number of design patterns.
When I started quilting, l started with a log cabin quilt. It is perfect for beginners because it is sewer friendly where you just use strips of fabric. Playing with colors of fabrics is the fun thing about this quilt.
Log cabin blocks are easy and quick to make and makes very well with using scraps. Accurate color combinations makes perfect quilts.

You can start your next project with a log cabin block. Once you master this pattern, you will be inspired for your next quilting masterpiece. Beside making a bed quilt from log cabin blocks, you can use them around everywhere in your house. Pillow, tabletoppers, potholders, table runners, pincushions are other options to make with log cabin blocks. Whatever you do, dont forget to enjoy it.
Hatun Çomak

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