cat pillow sewing tutorial

By Hatun Comak Friday, July 15, 2022

A perfect project for cat lovers. These handmade cat pillows are fun to make and also great as gifts. I'm sure many of you like cats and as you see these lovely cat patterns, you will probably want to sew one either for yourself or someone around who loves cats.

These are numerous cat sewing patterns around in various shapes, sizes and models. Even choosing the one to make is not easy since you probably cannot decide which one to make since they are all lovely. 

Here finally I chose to make one, an 14"x14" square pillow with a cat hiding behind it. You can only see the cat's head, paws and the tail. I enjoyed making it and most probably continue sewing cat cushions with different paterns. Here I want to share the pattern and how I made the cat pillow with step-by-step tutorial.

How to sew cat pillow

  • First you need to prepare the cat's head, paws and tail. For that, download the free pattern I share below. Print out, cut out the pieces. For the head, attach the template to the fabric and cut out a front and back piece. 
  • Before sewing the head pieces together, hand stitch the cat's eyes, or you can use buttons.
  • Right sides together machine sew front and back of the head pieces together. Leave downwords unsewn, this part will be attached to the pillow. Turn the head right side out and then stuff it with fiberfill.

  • Do the same process for the tail  and the paws. So now you have the cat's head, tail and two paws ready.
  • The finished size of the tail is 14" X 14". So cut the front piece 15" X 15" and for the back the same.
  • Lay the front side of the pillow with right side on. Place the head, paws and tha tail as seen in the image below. Put the back side on, right sides together. Pin the edges so that the cat's, paws and tail wont move while sewing around the pillow. 

  • Sew all around the pillow and turn it from the opening below. You have already finished! Now place the pillow inside and it is ready!

    You can use this as a part of your home decoration or give it as a gift to a cat lover. This lovely pillow will be placed on my son's bed who is an absolute cat lover. It was fun to make it and you can be sure that more cat pillows will be coming.
Hatun Çomak

I'm Hatun from Turkiye. I love quilting and patchwork and this is my patchworld. I share my projects, process, patterns and tutorials here in my blog. .