sashiko denim bag

By Hatun Comak Friday, August 30, 2019

Learn how to make a sashiko denim tote bag using scraps of denim left from previous projects.
I like how sashiko bags look and making them are all fun. You play with fabric and stitches. Though it is a slow process, you will enjoy making it since it is one of these projects that make you relax.
I like working with denim and for such projects I recycle the jeans that aren't used anymore. This sashiko denim tote bag is also good for recycling your old jeans.
I like the look and texture of the method of Japanese sashiko technique.

How to make the bag:
Lay out pieces of denim in a design that looks good to you. You can use larger or smaller size pieces. It is all up to you.  Make sure  that your design is about 43x47 cm.

Use pins to hold the pieces together before starting stitching. In order to make stitching easier, I basted the pieces together.

Next step is just making lines of running stitch through all the layers to hold every piece together. Before starting stitching it may be a good idea to mark the fabric and then start runnning stitch. I didn't mark the fabric, through. I made the progress randomly. I made vertical and diagonal stitches.

As I have mentioned, it is a slow process but an ideal activity for an evening where you sit on your comfortable coach and watch your favourite film or series.

Here how it looks when I finished stitching.

If you are satisfied with how it looks, this means that it is ready now to make the bag.

At this point I ironed the rectangle and folded it in half seaming down both sides and pinching the corners in order to create a boxed bag shape. I added cotton lining.

For the handle I used leather straps from an old bag. And it is ready to use.

Hatun Çomak

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