easter quilts: bunny wall hanging

Happy Easter to all!

I designed a bunny pattern for a wall hanging. If you want to make something in a short time, this bunny is for you. It is also perfect as a gift. The bunny has a pocket in which some items can be put.
Because sewing should be fun, the pattern is designed with simplicity and practically with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
                                                     Download the pattern here

 1- Draw the pattern on the fabric and cut it with seam allowance. Make a three layer sandwich; top, batting and back together and sew them together with the machine. Leave the bottom unsewed so that you can turn the right side from here.

2- When you turn the right side, stitch around the bunny with a thread a the same colour. For the face make some embrodierement.

3- For the pocket, cut the piece and applique it on the bunny. I used big buttons for the rounds and added a ribbon on the neck. So it is ready. Have some fun with my bunny wall hanging.


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