how to make a quilt sandwich; putting layers together to prepare for quilting

If you are new in quilting, you may have heard quilt sandwich and wondering what it is. Here is the explanation and an easy simple way of doing it.

Quilting a sandwich, as it is said, means putting various layers together to prepare for quilting either by machine or by hand. The quilt sandwich includes backing, batting and the quilt top. Once toy have finished making the top, it is ready for quilting. But before quilting it, you need to sandwich it. Here is step by step tutorial of how to make a quilt sandwich.

1- Lay the quilt back on the floor or table, wrong side up. Tape down the quilt to the table on four sides so that it doesn’t slide around.

2- Arrange the batting on top of the backing, patting it smooth. Remember that batting and backing should be a few inches larger than the top.

3- Finally lay the quilt top right side-up. Make sure that your quilt top is wrinkle free. It is important you iron the top before quilting to have a smooth surface.

4- Pin the layers together. Be sure to fill the pins up. Then baste pieces together starting from the center. Thread basting works better and is ideal for beginners. You baste three layers together. It is important to secure the three layers together sufficiently or they’ll bunch or wrinkle as you quilt.

5- When you finish basting, you’re ready to start quilting either by hand or machine. You can also watch the video below showing how to make quilt sandwich.

                                           how to make a quilt sandwich VIDEO


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