making a quilt for a baby playmat, free patterns and tutorial

      I’ve been working on this patchwork playmat for the last few weeks. It’s been made for a baby expected due May. As it is a baby girl and it is spring time, I planned to use some patterns with indicators of spring. It is a kinda garden scene with various flowers, leaves, butterflies, ladybugs,  bees and even a rabbit hiding below the flowers.

      Since I like dealing with little pieces and I’m a fan of appliques, I enjoyed doing it very much. Here are the instructions and patterns in PDF format if you want to make one.

1-      Firstly, it is a good idea to decide th layout of the design. You may draw on a paper to have an idea and decide what to add to the surface. I’ve been inspired from various designs on the net but I drew my own one. Nevetheless, I had some changes as the work progressed.

2-      I had four different flower patterns. Below are the patterns of the flowers that you can download, print and use.
                 leaves and flowers pattern in PDF

       While making flowers I machine sewed the petals. After filling in the petals I sew them on the fabric. But the orange flower is paper pieced, batted then appliqued to the fabric. Here are the photos of how to make the flower.

 The petals of this flower is machine sewed together with batting material and laid out as in the picture above and then the center is applied.

3-      Animals are great fun to make becasue they are so cute. Below are the PDF downloadable patterns of ladybugs, birds, bees and the rabbit. 

      All patterns are prepared by epp and then appliqued to the fabric. The little bee is in format of a toy, have a close look at it. It is stitched to a thick thread to the flower so that the baby can play with it. Similarly, rabbits ears are stitched from the bottom and free from the ground fabric. I’m sure the baby will like pulling the ears!

In the photos below are the steps of making the bunny. But before download the pattern and print it out.

4-      The center of the playmat is left blank intentionally fort he baby to be laid on. When all the pieces are appliqued and sewn to the fabric, I made the quilt sandwich, thickly padded, I used to layers of batting. It is hand quilted. I quilted around the patterns with a thread the same color of the ground fabric, which is grey. Finally I used pink binding to finish the playmat.

5-      The finished measurement of the playmat is 34”x38”


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